Silly Surgery

We've all watched "Grey's Anatomy". And "House". And "Scrubs". So we thought that something similar, but for software, might be fun. Somewhere an idiosyncratic, but brilliant, mind can be brought to bear on seemingly intractible problems.

We are not promising to have time to fix all your problems (any more than House does) but we will try to come up with sensible suggestions, even though we are on the Very Silly Site.  The primary focus of the problem solving will be with problems based on the book content. We can take a look at other stuff, but the time we have for this part of the site is limited.

Please note that anything posted here, and my comments on it, may become visible to anyone on the Silly Games site, and so you should not upload anything that you want to keep secret.

  • Emergency Room

    Drop your files here. We much prefer zip archives (please don't send RAR ones) and send the entire directory, not just a snippet of your program (unless the game contains really enormous sound and image files, in which case please leave them out).

  • Recovery Room

    If we make any fixes to your files, we'll post the mended ones here.

  • Doctors Notes

    When you post a broken program, put a description of the problem here so that the software surgeons have a bit more to go on.