Silly RSS Reader

Bring the world to your screen in wonderful moving, living colour as text flies in from the four corners of the screen to display messages from anywhere on the globe, relayed to you via the magic that is Really Simply Syndication. This application captures the messages, decodes them and then lovingly renders them, perfectly placed shadows and all. Even extra long missives are not a problem, the "Super Smooth Scrolly Action" (patent pending) giving each an elegant traversal of the screen. The text is placed in front of a softly sliding, ever changing, mind soothing display.

This is actually a useful Silly Program, possibly a world first. It will connet to an RSS feed and then display it on a screen (a large one is best). The text content of each page of the feed is animated onto the screen and off it. This is a development of the text renderer used to create the VerySillyGames logo.

This program is a departure for Very Silly Games, in that the source is not provided for this one. To be honest, it has some rather nasty bits in it that I'm not proud of. But it is all mine, and it works (I've had a test version running for a week).

As supplied the program reads the Very Silly RSS feed, but you can user your own feed by pressing return on the keyboard and then entering the URL. The program may take a few moments to pick up the new data.

To stop the program press the Escape key on the keyboard.

To run the program you must have XNA Game Studio 2.0 on your machine. Clicking the downloaded file will unzip the program and resources, and then clicking the program will start it running.