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Long Silly Post

I've just had an idea for a new video game. In it players take control of some little computer memory chips. They have to guide them through life, make sure they are properly plugged in, and manage their address and data bus connections as the chips  grow old and learn new things. I'm going to call it "The Simms".

I'm going to start building models of birds out of chocolates. The first thing I'm going to make is a Malteser falcon.

I always wanted to make a T shirt with "Fog is nature's way of keeping the frame rate up" written on it.

If God played football would they show the games on "Match of the Deity"?

If you copied someone else's outbreak of the Black Death would you get done for plagueurism?

I've had this idea for a film about a Country and Western singer who starts out by singing on kitchen floors. I'm going to call it "Walk the Lino".

I was thinking about writing a film in which Satan makes himself an outfit from the pages of a russian newspaper. I would call it, altogether now,  "The Devil Wears Pravda".

Did you hear about the lame lamb with a gamboling problem?

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