"Recreate the gladiatorial thrill of warrior against warrior in this game in which the very essence of human competition is exposed in a test of one of the fundamental survival skills. Sixteen players can take part in a single game, each straining to hear the distinctive sound of wooden spoon on pan half full of water, and respond in the briefest possible time. To the winner go the bragging rights, writ large in well formed white letters. To the loser goes the bitter taste of absolute defeat. Until next time....."

This is a reaction timer game for up to 16 players. It is very rough and ready. Player 1 presses the start button on their gamepad and everyone waits for the sound. The player who presses their button first wins. The program automatically works out which button was pressed and only displays the scores for gamepads which are connected. The code is written in a very simple manner, you might want to investigate ways it can be improved.

You can get the source for this program here.