Hide the Gamepad


"Some seek wealth and power. Others seek solace and happiness. Still others search for the meaning behind the shifting complexities of life itself. In this game the the one chosen to be the seeker has an equally baffling enigma that they must wrestle with and ultimately defeat, if they are to achieve true enlightenment. If their search is initially fruitless, the object of their desire will emit heartfelt vibrations, quietly at first, and then louder and more urgently as the time for finding grows shorter. Will the quest be rewarded with success and the laurel leaf of victory? Or will a futile search result in the bitter taste of the ashes of defeat and the taunting of those who have thwarted you? Truly, only the bravest should embark on this journey."

Hide the Gamepad is a very simple, silly, game where one person leaves the room, the others hide an Xbox gamepad somewhere and, when the searcher returns, they must find the gamepad within the time limit. You can set the limit at 2,3,4 or 5 minutes. And you can also use the game as an egg timer.