"Perhaps the ultimate example of a Zero Graphics Game, with nobody watching the screen but all eyes on the gamepads as they jostle for position, using the mysterious, ancient power of gravity to traverse a treacherous course at the end of which there can only be one winner".

This game is perhaps the simplest possible XNA game you can make. At the start of the game all the rumble motors in all the controllers are switched to full power. If you put all the gamepads at the top of a slope they will rattle their way to the bottom, with the winner being the one to arrive first. Perhaps one day we will see "hotrod gamepads" with beefed up motors and extra batteries. Perhaps not.

There is no screenshot for this game (how could there be?) but any videos or pictures of actual gamepad racer games will be greatly appreciated. I'll give a signed copy of the book (I'll get someone else to sign it) for the nicest picture sent to:


You can download the program, such as it is, from here.