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Hello Everyone,

Looking at the code for "03 Button Bash Test" I discovered an issue with the game reset (pressing the start button on controller 1). If you use the code as-is from the download, it will only zero out the counts for the first pad, not the other three. Here is the fix for the other 3 controllers.

if (pad1.Buttons.Start == ButtonState.Pressed)
acount1 = 0;
bcount1 = 0;
xcount1 = 0;
ycount1 = 0;

acount2 = 0;
bcount2 = 0;
xcount2 = 0;
ycount2 = 0;

acount3 = 0;
bcount3 = 0;
xcount3 = 0;
ycount3 = 0;

acount4 = 0;
bcount4 = 0;
xcount4 = 0;
ycount4 = 0;

December 30, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLloydAZ

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