Simple Simon Game

Simple Simon is a Very Silly Game development which is based on the Simon game of many years ago. Players have to repeat patterns which increase in length with each turn of the game. The patterns are displayed as lights and sounds on four buttons.

An XNA version of Simon is a nice idea, and so Simple Simon was born. I'm developing the game in stages, at each point there are some questions that you can try to answer by looking at the code so far. Every now and then the next version of Simple Simon will appear. At the moment there are two.

The first version just provides the fundamenal display behaviours, and introduces the classes which will represent the buttons on the game.

The second version adds the state machine that will control the game behaviour, and starts to create the sequences that the player must repeat.

The dicussion of the versions, and the questions, can be found here.

Note: If you are wondering why this page has suddenly changed, it is because I accidentally deleted the wrong page whilst setting up another part of the site. Sorry about that.

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