Creators Club Membership Up for Grabs

Whilst I was at GDC I picked up a free Creators Club membership at the XNA sessions. I think it is for four months, but you may be lucky. Anyhoo, I'll give it to the the person who comes up with the silliest game idea in the next couple of days. My decision is final (I consider myself an expert in silliness).

Remember that if you are a student on a course of study you can get a Creators Club membership for free via DreamSpark, but for anyone else out there, this might save a bit of cash. Put your idea as a comment on this post.

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Universal Sound Effect

Not content with providing mugs and T shirts, the Very Silly Game franchise is now moving into game developer resources. Every now and the we will be posting items that you might want to include in your games.

Today you can download the only sound effect you will ever need. Created by accident in the Very Silly Games labs, this sound can be used for any purpose, from a stylish ring tone to game over, and just about everything in between.  Simply grab the bit that you want from this symphony of sound...

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Silliness on the Road

Rob Miles, one of the movers and shakers behind the Silly Games enterprise, is on the road at the moment giving XNA sessions. You can find out how things are going, and what happened when he told his first joke to the audience, here.

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Wear the Dream (or drink from it)


You can now get Very Silly Games T shirts and mugs. These are decorated with stylish (perhaps) and unique (definitely) logos, all of which were generated by an XNA program. With very little help from me.

Follow the link at the side of the page, or go here.

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Gamepad Racer Lives

I now have a new hero, Jerry V (Gamertag: Xyjar). He has only gone and produced a stunning video of a Gamepad racer session, complete with rocking soundtrack.

The start of the race (I love the way he has used XNA books to prop up the table!)

For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about, Gamepad racer is a very silly Xbox 360 game where you just make the gamepads vibrate down a slope. You can find the source for the game here. You can find Jerry's video here.  Thanks for that, you've really made my day.

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