Simple Simon Part 2 Now Available

The second part of the Simple Simon game development is now available for download. This version of the game is not yet complete, but it does have the main game state machine present, along with the code that will produce the sequence that the player needs to copy.

There are also some questions that you can have a go at in the Simple Simon discussion forum. Take a look here.

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Very Silly Video on Channel 9

If you want to see Rob Miles being silly (and who doesn't) then take a look here:

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Simple Simon Updated and XNA on Zune now here

I've responded to the posts in the Simple Simon discussion. I'll be putting the next stage of the game up in the next few days.

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at XNA 3.0. This is a sneak preview of the next version of XNA. It looks especially interesting because it lets you write games to run on your Zune. Expect to see a Zunified version of Bread and Cheese on these hallowed pages real soon....

Find out more here.

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Making a Game Together

I'm trying something new. It will either work or it won't. Shaun is working on a Simon game in XNA. I've made a kind of start, and now I want everyone to chip in with comments and answers to questions that I've posed. (and ideas for other questions too). If I get a good response I'll make the next section of the game, and so on.

One good way to learn is to look at existing code and try to figure out how to make it do new stuff. So, with that in mind take a look at what I've done and move things on. There will be prizes too. Just not very big ones......

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Enter the RSS Reader

I've been a bit busy lately on the latest silly program that I seem to have been spending quite a lot of time on of late. It is actually in use in our department at the moment, displaying messages on our "Big Plasma Display". Everyone seems to like it, although apparently the jokes get a bit tiresome after you have read them a few times. Or even just once.

Anyhoo, feel free to download and play with it (the link is on the left). If you like it let me know. I'm working on a better version with a clock and maybe even picture rendering and a different backdrop.

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